Carriall’s Tech Kit saves your accessories from getting tangled or lost. Tech Kit has dedicated space for your bulky charger as well as your smallest SD cards. The elastic cable organizer, the mesh zipper pocket and three slip pockets take care of your accessories just well. The unique design fits everything perfectly yet stays compact to fit on your desk. The waterproof zipper keeps the accessories dry and safe.


  • Made of durable fabric and vegan leather
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Portable size and lightweight design
  • Carry on various small accessories
  • Mesh zipper pocket
  • 3 slip pockets

Colour: Black | Weight: 0.168 Kg | Capacity: 2.28 Litres | Material: Vegan Leather and fabric | Number of Main Compartments: 1 | Compartment Closure: Zipper